Members Area

Singing with other people is proven to make you feel good! 

There are many, well-documented physical, mental and emotional benefits to being in a choir. 

The act of singing, especially with other people:

  • encourages your body to release happy chemicals (including oxytocin, dopamine, serotonin, IgA)
  • refines motor skills
  • improves lung and respiratory function
  • quiets the mental chatter many people are plagued by, allowing you to be in the moment; and
  • gives a sense of achievement and affinity with others.

These days, the need for people to be collectively responsible for each other is greater than ever. Being in a choir makes you part of a community; a supportive network where everyone is encouraged, nurtured and included – and nobody is left behind.  

As an organisation we live and breathe these principles – we give free places to people referred to us by local organisations (like Lighthouse Women’s Aid and Iceni), offer a concessionary price to those who couldn’t otherwise afford to join and operate a member funded Benevolent Fund for when our existing members hit financial rocky patches.

We also feel very strongly about extending our philanthropic approach outwards to our local community and over the past few years have raised over £60,000 for Suffolk-based charities including St Elizabeth Hospice, Iceni, FIND and 4YP. You can regularly find our members singing with local care home residents and visiting community cafes and participating in our wellbeing singing sessions – rarely performing ‘at’, more often singing ‘with’ others who feel the benefit of the joy that singing brings.

This is all summed up in our choir Ethos, which members commit to when they join.

  • Weekly termtime sessions (3 terms per year)
  • Harmony-based pop from A-ha to Gaga
  • Membership entitles you to attend multiple sessions every week
  • Excellent learning resources and support, plus additional workshop opportunities
  • Membership is £25 per month (concessions available)
  • Exceptional experiences – from beatboxing with Shlomo and performing to thousands at Latitude, to recording charity songs, exciting collaborations and the famous choir roadtrips!

  • No commitment (donation based)
  • Attend whenever you like
  • Weekly sessions all year, plus monthly Zoom
  • Unison-based songs from the 50s, 60s and 70s to more recent numbers
  • Simply turn up and sing along to lyrics provided
  • Inclusive and welcoming to those with additional needs including dementia
  • Predominantly seated session, only stand for occasional songs (if you want to!)