A Month Of Sundays with Pop Chorus

A month-long programme of online workshops and themed events to educate, entertain and keep you singing and socialising – every Sunday morning in August…
I’ve called on some of the people I admire most to put together some really special workshops for you this summer.

Rosy May is an exceptional dancer and teacher with an enthusiasm that’s hard to resist (you’ll have heard me going on about her solo Latin classes at Pettistree); Kelly Bayfield is a great singer and good friend of mine, with the most warm and generous nature who is only too happy to share her enormous wealth of experience with others. Anya is a long-standing friend and exceptionally professional vocalist who I used to sing with back in the function band and Abba tribute days (she’s under strict instructions not to tell you anything about my past, so don’t ask!). And the Pop Chorus team are the funniest, kindest, loveliest group of people I could ever dream of working with, so you know anything that involves them is going to be awesome.

So please, make the most of these rare opportunities to tap into some incredible talent and knowledge and join us for a spectacular month of Sunday mornings.
Every session lasts 75 minutes and costs £7 each. If you book for 3 or more sessions, you’ll benefit from a 25% discount. Complete the booking form here and we’ll email you confirmation of your booking, price to pay and payment details. A few days before each session you’ll receive login details via email.

Sun 2nd Aug, 10.30-11.45am – Breathing and Technique with Yula

Pop Chorus Director, Yula Andrews, will take you through the basic principles of singing – how the vocal apparatus works, understanding breath control and how to look after your voice. Liberally sprinkled with useful tips, practical techniques and demonstrations and delivered in Yula’s relaxed, informal but knowledgeable style, you will leave this session with a better understanding of your voice and how to use it

Sun 9th Aug, 10.30-11.45am – Dancing to Lizzo’s ‘Juice’ with Rosy May

Rosy May is an experienced dancer and choreographer, with a passion for music and dance which is simply joyful and infectious to be around.

In this session, Rosy will show you some simple moves to go with ‘Juice’ by Lizzo (a song well-known to Pop Chorus singers). Don’t worry if you think you have two left feet, Rosy’s inspiring and encouraging teaching style will soon liberate you from any inhibitions and you’ll be giving up your day-job and applying for the X Factor. Well, at the very least, she’ll get you moving while you sing and you’ll leave the session with a new skill and feeling great!

Sun 16th Aug, 10-30-11.45am – A Beginner’s Guide to Harmony with Kelly Bayfield

If talk of thirds, fifths and octaves, major and minor chords, intervals, crescendo and pianissimo all leave you feeling a little bit out on a limb, never fear – experienced singer songwriter Kelly Bayfield is here to show you the basics of harmony and music theory. She’ll help you understand what makes certain combinations of notes sound lush, whilst others make you cringe! Using examples from contemporary music and with opportunities for you to join in and try things out, this session will give you more confidence around music terminology and, more importantly, how this stuff actually works in practical terms.

Sun 23rd Aug, 10.30-11.45am – Music Theatre workshop with Anya

Anya Small, Director of Midlands-based choir Pop Voices will be your guide as you explore the world of Musical Theatre.

MT performers are best known for their triple threat skills of singing, dancing and acting. Don’t panic though as you don’t need to have your tap shoes at the ready – most of the focus of this session will be encouraging you to act a story through song, which is the real basis of Musical Theatre. You’ll do some fun, themed warmups and explore a number of songs from classic and modern shows. You could even get in the spirit of things by dressing up in the style of your favourite musical if you’d like to!

Sun 30th Aug, 10.30-11.45am – Motown Morning with Pop Chorus leaders

Members of the PC team will take you on a whistle-stop tour through the history of Motown, with facts and stories from this famous musical empire and plenty of opportunities for you to sing some of the greatest hits generated by this legend of the American music industry. From Diana Ross to Smokey Robinson, The Pointer Sisters to Bruno Mars, hit after hit will have you singing, dancing and elevating your Sunday morning to new heights


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